Teen swimmer disqualified for fit of school-issued swimsuit

CNN: A High School swimmer won a race, but was immediately disqualified. Not because she started early. But because the referee deemed her swimsuit to be too revealing.

Brecklynn Willis was competing Friday at a meet in Achorage Alaska. The state champion won her race only to be stripped of the victory once out of the pool. Now her district is investigating if the referee went too far by disqualifying the athlete.

The 17 year-old’s younger sister experienced similar criticism from the same referee last year.

The Anchorage School District confirms the swimsuit Willis was wearing was approved under athletic rules and had been worn at previous meets.

“The rest of her team was wearing the same uniform and she was the only on disqualified. It is my opinion that she has been targeted and singled out over the past year.”

Willis’ mother agrees. She says she believes her daughters are being targeted because of their body types.

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