York Fair honors veterans with signed quilt

WEST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. - The York Fair honors veterans each year in a special way. Heroes Hall has displays for the men and women who have served and are currently serving.

There's also a way for people to say thank you. A quilt, decked out in hundred of signatures and messages. The white board above it reads, "Sign the quilt. Thank a wounded warrior." Once full, they will be presented to a wounded warrior. FOX43 spoke with one man whose son-in-law has served three tours of duty in the Middle East and said it's a beautiful way to honor our men and women.

"We can't honor them enough," Adam Stadler of York County said. "I mean when they enlist or be draft into any branch of the service, they are carving out a piece of their life that they're not going to get back. But they're only going to have the memories of it for the rest of their life."

The York Fair held a special musical tribute for the victims and fallen heroes in the September 11th attacks.

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