Auditor General provides update on audit of Harrisburg School District

HARRISBURG, Pa. - The state auditor general gave an update on an audit of the Harrisburg School District that started three months ago. The update comes a day after learning the FBI has joined an investigation into the school district.

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale began his update of the Harrisburg School District audit by praising the new district leadership.

"The new team in Harrisburg is being very forthcoming and very cooperative and has the right approach," said DePasquale. "As we try to put the district back on track."

DePasquale says the FBI investigation into the district will not interfere with his audit. Yet, he would not go into detail about any challenges he's faced so fair, mainly about missing records which was discovered when new leadership was appointed under state receivership.

DePasquale says, the district has already improved in several areas since the audit started in June. The improvements include things like closer monitoring of leave time, overtime, and payroll. Eliminating travel advances, and requiring documentation for expenses. There are just the first of what will be many changes the district will make over the next several years.

"While as significant as they are, They're stepping stones," said Dr. John George, Harrisburg School District Acting Superintendent. "There's so much work yet to do, and let's not look sight of the big issue here. The big issue is to make sure there's a quality education program for every child here in the Harrisburg School District."

The next phase of the audit, DePasquale says, will be reviewing the recommendations made from the Department of Education over the summer.

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