You’ve “goat” a friend in me: Best buds name York Fair goats after each other

LOWER WINDSOR TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- When 9-year-olds Regan Flory and Macie Rogers met for the first time in February, they instantly became best friends.

Some kids show their friendship through bracelets, or secret handshakes. Regan and Macie named their prized show goats after each other.

Regan's goat is named Macie, and Macie's goat is named Regan.

"The second day [the goat] was on my farm I had to name her, so I named her Regan," Macie said with a giggle. "She reminds me of her; very energetic."

Not to be outdone, Regan, the 9-year-old, named her goat Macie in return. The foursome has been inseparable since.

Thankfully, their parents understand. Macie's mom Tabitha and Regan's dad Travis are longtime friends, going back to their days participating in the York County 4-H Program

"We have to refer to them as 'Regan, the goat' and 'Regan, your friend' to keep it all straight," Tabitha said.

Both show their goats throughout the year, including the York Fair this week. Technically, the Florys own both goats, though Macie is always over to play with Regan -- and Regan.

"We have a really good friendship," Macie said, beaming.

When you've "goat" friends like this, who needs anything else?

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