10 Ninja warriors coach others to ‘unleash their inner warrior’ at benefit event in Cumberland County

LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP, Cumberland County - Dozens of people learned to unleash their inner warrior while helping make wishes come true.

Dexterity Depot hosted its 'Unleash Your Inner Warrior' event to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
People of all ages got the opportunity  to navigate through different types of obstacles.
10 special guests from Ninja Warrior made a guest appearance and coached everyone.

Tim Dexter, Dexterity Depot owner, explained this type of physical activity helps teach others about overcoming obstacles in life.

"Ninja is all about overcoming obstacles," said Dexter, "So, not just like the physical obstacles, but the mental, emotional obstacles you face as well. And that applies to anything in life, so whether it's in school, whether it's on a job in the future, whatever it is, they're learning to not give up and they keep pushing themselves. They're trying to be the best version of themselves which is super empowering all around."

Parkour and Ninja Warrior training can help people increase self-confidence, focus, and much more, according to Dexter.

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