York Composite Cycling Club hits the trail

YORK COUNTY - Interscholastic mountain biking has seen its numbers grow across the country in recent years and the York Composite Cycling Club is the perfect example.

“From the first year having nine riders, to now we are a little bit over 30," said Head Coach and Team Director Patrick Hickey.

“Now that I look at it right now, it has gotten huge.  There are so many people who weren't here last year," added second-year member Teaghan Treherne.

While the path to get to this cycling club differs for each biker, the end result is often times the same; more confidence in their riding and in their personal lives.

“I used to just stare at my front tire the whole time and I’d hit stuff.  But now, you look up, go through trails clean, and everything runs smooth," recalled third-year member Preston Golicher.

The standard season lasts from July through October, but race events are not the only way for the York Composite Cycling Club to pick-up points.

“The league makes things available like Teen Trail Corps, where they can earn league race points by going out and doing community service and doing trail work," said Hickey.

As the number of riders continues to increase, it will eventually mean more avenues for future local cyclists to get involved.

“The league rules dictate that come next year, we will need to split off into separate teams," said Hickey.  “Which is a really exciting thing because that means that York will have multiple teams and more opportunities to have kids on bikes."

Anyone hoping to learn more about the club can visit https://rattlercycling.com/.

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