York woman allegedly attacked individual with hammer

YORK — A York woman faces charges after she allegedly attacked an individual with a hammer.

The incident occurred Sunday evening at a home on West King Street.

Police say the victim and another person were outside of the residence when they heard 52-year-old Lydia Aviles-Casanova upstairs on the second floor balcony talking loudly to herself and calling the victim racial epithets. Aviles-Casanova also said that she was going to go downstairs and take care of the victim, according to charging documents.

Aviles-Casanova then came downstairs and allegedly struck the victim in the face and head with the hammer. The victim and witness were able to wrestle the hammer away from Aviles-Casanova.

Police were called and when they arrived on scene, an officer spoke with Aviles-Casanova, who was upstairs. Police wrote in the charging documents that Aviles-Casanova was highly intoxicated and had cuts on her knees from the altercation with the victim to get the hammer away from her. Police say Aviles-Casanova was unable to speak clearly or make sense when the officer asked her what happened.

According to police, the victim suffered  cut to her upper lip and complained of pain on her head where Aviles-Casanova allegedly struck her. She refused medical treatment.

Aviles-Casanova was placed under arrest and taken to York Hospital to be checked out prior to being transported to general booking.

She has been charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and harassment, court documents show.

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