Rally in support of raising the minimum wage expected to take place in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG -- The summer recess is over for Pennsylvania's General Assembly. The state lawmakers will return to Harrisburg for the first time since June and will be faced with activists rallying for a minimum wage increase.

The minimum wage in Pennsylvania is $7.25 an hour. It has not increased in more than a decade.

On Tuesday, some state lawmakers and activists will join forces in hopes of changing the minimum wage. State Representative Patty Kim (D) and Labor Secretary Jerry Oleksiak will host the rally in Harrisburg.

Some lawmakers believe increasing the minimum wage will lead to thousands of job cuts in the state. However, there are some that believe the opposite.

Kim and Oleksiak plan to host Tuesday's rally under the idea that hardworking Pennsylvanians deserve to make a livable wage.

In the initial budget proposal, Governor Tom Wolf pitched a wage increase of $12.00 dollars an hour. A compromise could not be met to get the increase passed.

The minimum wage increase rally is expected to start around noon at the Capitol. It will take place in the East Rotunda.

The minimum wage in Pennsylvania has been $7.25 an hour since the Federal Government last raised it in 2009.


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