Rising gas prices impacting businesses

YORK, Pa. - Gas prices are on the rise after an attack on an oil facility in Saudi Arabia. President Trump allowed for oil to be released from the U.S. strategic reserve to help supply the market. The rising prices are causing some concern for people and businesses. Experts said some places could see prices more than $3 a gallon.

"It not only affects our deliveries to deliver the product to someone," Chris Sallade, owner of Schaefer Flowers, said. "It also affects the prices of receiving the product as it comes into our country and to us."

Sallade said 90% of their product is imported. If gas prices go up, so does the fuel service charge the government puts on freight for perishable items.

"I mean we try and not jump to a conclusion that fuel is going to go up and 'oh my gosh we've got to pass it right on to the consumer'," Sallade said. "We try and hold out because this problem may, in a week or two, correct itself."

He said the cost can fluctuate several hundred dollars a week, but it takes about 6 weeks for them to enter the danger zone.

AAA said it's too early to know the full impact on pump prices, though it's safe to expect an increase. Whether it's short term or not, depends on two factors: How much crude oil prices ride and if sustained for a long period of time, and how long Saudi Arabian oil facilities are down.

As for Chris and his flower shop, it's a waiting game.

"I think anybody can stay consistent for a while," Sallade said. "But everybody is a little concerned about this right now."

AAA said some people won't see a jump in price until next week. It could be as high as a quarter over the course of this month.

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