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York County Commissioners vote to enter contract with IXP

YORK, Pa. - York County is moving forward with a company to overhaul it's 911 center.

Commissioners voted 2-1 to enter into a 6 month contract with the New Jersey-based company, IXP Corporation, during their meeting Wednesday.

President Commissioner Susan Byrnes said the time is now to fix the problems at the York County 911 center.

"The buck stops here with me," Byrnes said. "And with this Board. And we did our homework. We did our due diligence."

The audit that was completed months ago shows there are problems with communication, recruitment, retention, cross training, and increased overtime. Most people agree, but it's the price tag that can't be agreed upon.

"Three quarters of a million dollars was, I thought, astronomical," Commissioner Doug Hoke, said. "I just think there are other ways or other avenues that we could possibly do that, especially when the money isn't accounted for in the current budget."

The County said that $750,000 includes all expenses, including more than 2,500 hours of work during the 6 month period. It can also decide to not re-new its contact once that period is up.

"I'm thankful to still be an employee of the county," Lisa Witmer, a 911 center employee, said. "But the cost of the last 59 days is much more than the price tag on this contract."

But Byrnes said the cost of doing nothing is much greater.

"We feel that our employees are worth it and the safety of our community is worth $300 an hour," Byrnes said.

That contract with IXP begins Monday, and the County will form a committee to meet weekly with IXP. That $750,000 will come from a general fund, but it is unclear if there will be an added tax.

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