Police: 15-year-old girl drives mother’s car into neighbor’s house in Lancaster

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.-- Police say a 15-year-old girl crashed her mother's car into a home on Chester Street in Lancaster.

The accident happened after midnight and sent a collapse team to the property.

Not only did the teen drive right into the kitchen of the house, police say she also hit another car and a retaining wall at a nearby church.

You can say a lot about a photo, but George Malpica only had a few words to describe what happened to his home.

"It’s a shame. What can I do?" said Malpica. “I was sleeping, and one of my daughters woke me up, and I said, ‘what!’”

Fortunately, nobody was injured, and because the house is for sale, Malpica says nobody was inside at the time.

“We just finished yesterday cleaning everything, and then this is what happens," explained Malpica.

“I don’t know if they were drinking or what, but how can anybody run into something like that?!" asked James French of Lancaster.

This is what police say happened - the teen asked her mom for her car keys because she wanted to get something from the car.

She put the car in drive, accelerated through these bushes, the rest can be explained by the mess left behind.

“Right now, I wouldn’t be too happy, to tell you the truth. It’s going to come out of the pocket. That’s for sure," said French. "Next time, don’t take the keys!"

As for Malpica?

"It’s things that happen. We’ll find out. I hope the insurance from the car and my insurance takes care of it. That’s what I hope," he told FOX43.

Police say the teen is facing several citations for the damage she caused and because she shouldn’t have been driving.

Because she is a juvenile, they will not release her identity.

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