New Cumberland man facing charges after allegedly assaulting, raping victim

ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. -- Police have arrested a man after a woman was allegedly hit multiple times in the face, strangled and raped in Latimore Township, Adams County during a Tinder date.

Eduardo Venegas Del Muro is accused of rape, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and strangulation among other charges.

A good samaritan, Josh Lecrone, spoke to FOX43 after he said he found the victim after she waved him down on the roadway, covered in blood.

"She was just begging me to take her to her house and that she had just been attacked," said Lecrone.

Police said the victim claims she met the suspect, who called himself Edwin on Tinder, after she had been in contact with him for over a week. Police said the suspect picked her up at her home just after midnight on September 17. Police said the suspect drove to the Inn 94 on 4805 Carlisle Pike, New Oxford and parked. Police said at that time, the suspect and victim got out of the vehicle and that the suspect began touching the victim. The victim reportedly pushed the suspect away, according to court paperwork, and asked the suspect to take her home.

Police said the suspect drove away with the victim, complaining that he drove all the way from Harrisburg to see her and that she wanted to go home. Police said the suspect eventually pulled onto a road just north of 8273 Carlisle Pike in Latimore Township and once again the suspect and victim both exited the vehicle. Police said the victim then noticed the black Volkswagen "bug" had no registration plate.

Court paperwork claims the suspect knocked a phone out of the victim's hand and choked her until she began to lose consciousness. Police said the suspect then sexually assaulted her and left the scene, leaving the victim behind.

"Her clothes weren't put together properly. She had only one shoe on," said Lecrone, who took the victim home and spoke to police after finding her.

Police said they executed a search warrant on the suspect's Tinder account and used the information registered to the account to find a home in Harrisburg. They said, the woman who lived at that home claimed to be married to the suspect on Facebook and that his facebook also revealed he had two children. Investigators said the woman also told them that she allows the suspect to use her Volkswagen vehicle.

Police said an ICE detainer was added to the case. FOX43 attempted to contact ICE to inquire about the suspect's immigration status, but has not heard back.

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