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Lancaster County District Attorney’s office says events like Recovery Day may be key to battling opioid crisis

LANCASTER, Pa. -- A campaign in Lancaster County is looking to help those battling addiction.

Hundreds of people joined in support of each other for the 6th Annual Recovery Day in Lancaster on Saturday at Buchanan Park.

Resources like counselors and support groups were all there to promote recovery, long term treatment and reduce stigma.

“We want to make our voices heard and let people know that we are here, we care, we recover and we can recover with you," said Rebecca Moyer with Warm Hand-off for Overdose Survivors Program.

Christopher Dreisbach who is a a former addict and now runs Blue Print for Addiction Recovery says Recovery Day Lancaster is an open door for honest and vulnerable conversations.

"When I first got sober in 2007 you couldn’t even talk about recovery out loud, it was such a stigmatized thing," said Christopher Dreisbach, CEO, Blue Prints for Addiction Recover Inc. 

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of and you can reach out for help anytime, anywhere," he added. 

With the opioid crisis on the rise the Lancaster County District Attorney’s office says it is a continued support of the overall campaign.

“They continue to be an outspoken ally and we are just really grateful that they support us," said Moyer. 

In a statement a spokesperson with the Lancaster County District Attorney's office wrote to FOX43: "We absolutely see that as a key in battling the opioid crisis. so many addicted stay addicted because they aren’t seeking treatment,” said Brett Hambright. "An investment in promoting recovery and treatment is an investment in the community. We all benefit when individuals battling addiction overcome and recovery becomes a reality. Law-enforcement has a crucial role in holding predatory dealers accountable. Those efforts alone, however, won’t eliminate this crisis. We must tear down stigma that keeps so many from seeking the long-term treatment they badly need," he added.

“It’s all about advocacy and just hope that we can all walk this thing out together and continue to improve our communities and our relationships with one another," added Moyer.

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