Rutgers football player punches his own quarterback in the face during touchdown celebration

Rutgers Scarlet Knights offensive lineman Michael Maietti during a college football game against the Massachusetts Minutemen.

Sometimes a touchdown is so exciting, you just gotta … uh… punch your quarterback in the face?

That’s exactly what Rutgers center Mike Maietti did on Saturday, when the Scarlet Knights scored against the Boston College Eagles.

After Rutgers quarterback Art Sitkowski connected with wide open running back Raheem Blackshear on a 74-yard pass, Maietti ran to Sitkowski, picked him up, and punched him straight in the face.

Despite the blow, everything appeared to be fine. Sitkowski’s head whipped back and the two carried on celebrating like nothing strange happened.

Sadly, Rutgers couldn’t punch its way to a victory. The Eagles beat them 30-16.

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