‘Ask Evan’: “Is my older model motorcycle exempt from PA state inspection?”

This week's 'Ask Evan' question comes from Mike H.  Mike asks, "I have a 1977 Honda CB550K.  Since it's vintage do I have to have it inspected?"

There are different rules regarding older vehicles and motorcycles when it comes to license plates and inspections.  I reached out to PennDOT to get your answer.  I'm told that your 1977 Honda is an antique- not vintage.

PennDOT says vintage is from 1906 to 1976.  However, it is possible to no longer get your bike inspected.  To get an inspection exemption you would need to get an antique license plate for your Honda.  But there is a catch.  With an antique tag designation PennDOT says the motorcycle can only be ridden between sunrise and sunset.  So, you do have an option when it comes to ending inspections of your older bike.

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