Governor Tom Wolf urging House Committee to bring commonsense gun safety bills up for a vote

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Governor Tom Wolf is questioning why several gun safety reform bills are not on Tuesday's schedule for the House Judiciary Committee to vote on.

According to a release from the Governor's office on Monday, he says there is an overwhelming support from the public.

Governor Tom Wolf says he is disappointed the House Judiciary Committee for refusing to bring common sense gun safety bills up for a vote. He says the bills focus on real measures that will keep guns from dangerous individuals and reduce gun violence -- like restricting access of funs to those who may harm others, or themselves.

In August, Governor Tom Wolf called for Federal and State action following the escalating gun violence. Saying he knows they can reduce gun violence, while respecting the rights of gun owners. Some other legislatures also showed support saying America's gun violence epidemic claims 100 lives a day, and it's far too often we have to come together to mourn victims of gun violence.

"While there is no immediate single solution, congress should pursue a ban or significant restriction on assault riffles, and ammunition accessories-- those weapons of choice of mass shooters," says Governor Tom Wolf.

Wolf says there are a handful of bills to reduce gun violence, including red flag laws, background checks, and private sales.

More than a dozen people who oppose stricter gun laws were at the capitol on Tuesday protesting, saying it's their right to own a gun. Most of them said more of the focus should be about mental health, and that a lot of them own a gun to protect themselves and have been properly trained.

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