Olivia’s Cuisine prepares Italian Clams & Octopus Stew

YORK TOWNSHIP, PA — Harry and Adrienne Tassou from Olivia’s Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine in Gettysburg stopped by the Fox43 Kitchen on Tuesday.

For more information: https://www.oliviasgettysburg.com/

Italian Clams & Octopus Stew
1 lb -Clams (scrub clean, quick blanch in 1 cup boiling water w a pinch of salt)
4 each- Baby octopus
1 tbsp – fresh garlic – peeled & chopped
1 cup – fresh Tomatoes (small berry tomatoes cut in 1/2)
2 cups – canned Italian chopped tomatoes
3 tbsp – fresh Basil
2 tbsp – fresh Dill
1 tbsp – Oregano
2 tbsp – Italian Parsley
3 tbsp – E.V.O.O.
2 tbsp – Olivia’s garlic butter
1/2 tsp – black pepper
1/2 tsp – red pepper flake
2 tbsp – local honey
1/2 cup – white wine
2 tbsp – capers
1 – fresh Lemon- juiced
Pinch – sea salt
2 tbsp – shallots

Aldeté Capellini Pasta

How to prep Octopus:
Slice body in rings & leave the limbs intact
Place in pot, add 2 tbsp vinegar, & 2 tbsp wine.  Boil for 10-15 minutes.  Discard water. Set Octopus aside.

On medium- high heat, sauté the garlic w the olive oil & garlic butter.  Add pepper flake & octopus sautéing for 1-2 minutes.  Deglaze the pan w the wine.  Add fresh tomatoes, canned tomatoes, black pepper, basil, & oregano.  Bro g to a boil approx 2-3 minutes (to allow the tomatoes to reduce a bit).  Add remaining ingredients.  Let simmer approx 3-4 minutes.  Serve along w crusty Garlic Bread and Capellin Pasta.  Enjoy!

Iced Cherries Jubilee
(to celebrate #nationalcherriesjubileeday)
Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka
Club soda
Orange bitters
Cherries -  flambé (cherries cooked down w orange peel, cinnamon stick, cloves, &  star anise.  Then set on fire to seal in flavor)
Fill glass w ice.  Add vodka, amaretto, & bitters.  Shake. Top w club soda.  Garnish w cherries jubilee .  Cheers!









Matador Mule - this Spanish twist to a classic cocktail will have you shouting OLÉ after the first sip..
Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur
Mango nectar
Ginger Beer
Dried mango slice garnish
Fill glass w ice.  Add mezcal, ancho reyes, & mango nectar.  Shake.  Top off w ginger beer.  Garnish w mango slice.  Cheers!









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