Newly released State Police witness interview shedding light on 1989 disappearance of Tracy Kroh

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. -- Newly released audio recordings is shedding light on the 1989 disappearance of Tracy Kroh, a Dauphin County teen who went missing 30 years ago.

In the recording a woman recounts an alleged murder confession from Matthew Webster who was arrested in August for perjury in connection to Kroh's case.

Kroh went missing when she was 17-years-old.

Webster recently filed a motion to modify his current $500K bail, however, Fran Chardo, Dauphin County's District Attorney says he opposed the motion.

"Not all perjury cases are the same," said Chardo. "This involves a charge of perjury in a murder investigation before a grand jury. This witness had been improperly influenced and felt great fear for the safety of herself and her children," he added.

In the recording, a woman whose name FOX43 has chosen to keep private recalled the conversation she had with Webster the day he allegedly admitted his involvement.

"He said that him and a couple of buddies were up at the square and she happened to be up there and they all wanted to have a good time, so it was supposed to be just a rape and it was supposed to be done, but then it turned out to be a lot more than that, and that's all I know," said the woman.

"One thing led to another those were his exact words," she added.

Police say they searched Webster's property on Middle Road in Halifax Township but have not found any evidence tying him to her disappearance.

"He said these cops think they know everything they don't know everything it wasn't just me," said the woman. "You want to know what my opinion is from that conversation? She's on that property," she added.

Fox43 reached out to Webster`s attorney -- however they declined to speak on camera.

In a statement Webster's attorney wrote in part: "We are looking forward to availing ourselves of the rules of evidence and procedure which stipulate that a jury of 12 peers in a public courtroom determine credibility, bias, motive, and the like, which no person who does not have anything to hide should ever have to fear." - Ashley Martin, Attorney At Law at The Law Office of Roy Galloway

A judge will review this case and decide whether or not to schedule a hearing based on the pleadings.

Webster's next court appearance is scheduled for Friday, October 11.

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