Hunger Action Month with the Central PA Food Bank

SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP,Pa--- We are here talking about Hunger Action Month and one of the most important ways to get involved is through Advocacy…Amy, tell us more about how a person can advocate for the food bank? Well one of the best ways to advocate is to reach out to your local legislators and representatives and tell them why hunger issues matter to you. Call their offices, reach out on social media, use your voice.

Our Food Bank serves 135,000 individuals in need every month, many of whom are children and seniors who may rely on government programs in addition to the services of the food bank. We need our representatives to know that without important government programs like SNAP, many more people in our community could go hungry.

What are some other ways those that are watching can help throughout September? There are several ways to get involved, but the #1 is to donate. A donation of just $1 helps us provide six meals to our community. Also, volunteer. We always have a need for volunteers at the food bank. And spread the word in your community and with your neighbors. On our website at, you’ll find a calendar of things you can do all month long to help spread awareness of hunger issues. That includes things like coordinating an office dress down day to raise money for the food bank, wearing orange, which is the color of Hunger Action Month, posting on your social media pages, reaching out to your legislators. There is so much a person can do.

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