Adams County man facing charges for shooting neighbors 1-year-old German Shepherd

ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. -- A family in Adams County is trying to come to terms with the loss of their beloved dog.

The one-year-old German Shepherd named Nova was shot and killed by a neighbor outside of a home in Franklin Township along Pine Grove Road.

58-year-old Steven Hertzler is now facing a wide range of charges including aggravated cruelty to an animal and recklessly endangering another person.

According to court documents, the dog owner told police he let the dog out of his truck when she went over to greet Hertzler's dogs and started sniffing from the other side of the fence.

He says Hertzler allegedly came outside yelling “Get your f****** dog!”

Hertzler then demanded someone remove the dog as he waived a 44 magnum in his hand in the direction of the owner and his two children, before shooting Nova in the neck.

The dog was later put down due to her injuries.

In a Facebook post the owner’s wrote:"This guy barreled out of his house. I saw Nova, called her, she came running back to me and he shot her. She wasn't even  on that land more than 15 seconds. He pointed his 44 mag at a 10 and 13 year old."

"He said he would kill all of us too then ran back in his house.”

According to court documents, Hertzler told police that Nova had charged his three little dogs and attempted to attack them.

In the documents, he alleges he was “afraid for his dogs” before getting the gun from inside of his house and shooting it towards Nova with his “eyes closed”.

Hertzler tells FOX43  he had no choice but to shoot the dog, alleging the it was wandering around his property for about 45 minutes, however the owner of the dog denies those claims.

The owner of the dog says "There are no excuses! this guy needs all his weapons taken.”

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, October 2.

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