HSFF ‘Wired Up’ Cocalico Dave Gingrich kicking contest

DENVER, Lancaster County -- It's been a Thursday practice tradition at the home of the Eagles for 16 years. To break apart walk-throughs, in the middle of practice, Cocalico's football team has a little competition with the coaching staff, a kicking contest.

Head coach Dave Gingrich said, “It’s just a little Ice Breaker on a Thursday.”

The field goal competition pits the coaching staff against some seniors, but for one senior, he hasn't lost in three weeks.

“Have some fun, talk a little trash to the coaches and try to get them to miss is definitely fun," said senior quarterback Noah Palm.

Trash talking to the max to psych out the rest of the competition.

“I guess at one point in time we thought we were athletic, but you know, 16 years later I don’t know how much athleticism we have anymore. Myself included," said Gingrich.

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