Penn State fans say College Park can’t compare to Happy Valley

COLLEGE PARK, MARYLAND -  The Friday Night game against Penn State was so big to the University of Maryland that they cancelled all of their classes scheduled after Noon, something Nittany Lions fans can't comprehend.

"Academics is just as important as football," said Penn State fan Kyiah Daniell.  "We keep them level, we know how to prioritize."

"Usually, I'll get an email early in the day 'this class is cancelled, this class is cancelled' but the entire day is cancelled, it's like this is a holiday," laughed Maryland student Alex Kingsley.

"A little strange, I mean I think they can still go to class and then go to the football game, but you know what, sometimes they make it a big deal, so it's all good," added Terps fan Chris Balckwood.

How does the atmosphere kind of compare to a Saturday game here?  According to Maryland fan Mick Gormley, it's better.

"Oh, it's really nice.  I like it a lot more because normally it's pretty early in the morning.  There's a lot more electricity going on.  You can really fit just walking around."

Whether it was a Friday night or a Saturday night, it doesn't matter to the Penn State fans because they feel as though it still won't stack up to a day in Happy Valley.

"Sorry, I love my family from Maryland," admitted Penn State supporter Nancy Gormley.  But it's not even close."

Neither was the score as the Nittany Lions blanked the Terps 59-0.

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