Family says experimental drug is delaying 3-year-old’s symptoms of deadly ‘childhood Alzheimer’s’

Osama Hamad, 3, has a deadly disease called Niemann Pick Type C.

The disease, which has no cure, is also known as “childhood Alzheimer’s” because the body forgets how to work.

But Osama and his family, who reside in Nebraska, have hope due to an experimental drug.

“It’s kind of like Febreeze,” said Osama’s mother, Deanna, speaking of the drug. “The medicine goes in and it grabs the cholesterol and it brings it down and helps it flush out of the body.”

The family says the drug seems to be delaying Osama’s symptoms. That, plus therapy sessions, is helping the boy continue to talk and walk.

Due to this, they’re pushing the Food and Drug Administration to approve the drug so their son can continue using it. The family is also hopeful that the drug will continue to work.

“I’m definitely more optimistic now,” Deanna said. “He’ll get through it, he’ll fight his way and we will find him a cure.”

The family is also raising awareness of childhood Alzheimer’s. You can find more information here.

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