Mother urges hit-and-run driver to come forward, daughter injured

MIDDLETOWN, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. - Police in Dauphin County are searching for the driver who hit a woman Sunday morning. It happened in Middletown while the woman was on her way to work along Oak Hill Drive.

“She was hysterical," recalls Amanda Wisman, when she answered a phone call from her 23-year-old daughter Amber. "I couldn’t really make out what she was saying other than she had been hit by a car, but she couldn’t tell me where.”

Wisman tells FOX43, Amber was walking alone Oak Hill Drive in Middletown on her way to work. She was near Vastine's Auto Services crossing toward the park when she was hit by a car.

“She said, she had seen a car stop, a woman got out of the car, went around the car,  just stood above her looking down at her," said Wisman. "She didn’t say a word and then when Amber really opened her eyes to get a good look at her she ran off to her car and took off down the street.”

Amber has deeps cuts and bad bruising all over her body, along with a concussion. She's now recovering at home, and is expected to be okay.

“I find myself just watching here breathe," said Wisman. "Because I’m just grateful she’s still here.”

Wisman thought, wants the person responsible for hitting her to be held responsible. And doesn't understand how this person was able to drive away.

“How could someone leave any human on the side of the road like an animal," asked Wisman. "That’s the part that gets me.”

Wisman tells FOX43, Amber described the driver of the car as a woman in her 30's with short dark hair, driving a gold car. Anyone with information should contact Middletown Borough Police.

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