Investigation underway following altercation between State Trooper and York County firefighter

YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- A York County firefighter is under investigation for harassment following an altercation with a Pennsylvania State Trooper.

State Police say Goodwill Fire Company Rescue Lieutenant, Mike Naylor pushed a State Trooper at the scene of a crash along I-83 Southbound near exit 16 on Sunday.

When the trooper arrived, they noticed the driver of the car was showing signs of an overdose and unable to open the doors.

The trooper then broke the passenger window to get into the vehicle and administer Narcan to the driver.

According to police, Naylor started to yell before a trooper ordered him to back away. Officials say Naylor refused to leave and instead pushed the trooper away, before being handcuffed.

However, a spokesperson with Goodwill Fire Company tells FOX43 others who were at the scene identified the trooper as the aggressor.

"The witnesses from out department said Mike was pushed so hard that his helmet fell off," said Wendy Tracey, President of Goodwill Fire Company in York Township.

Tracey says there are safety protocols they follow when a person is trapped in a car, which is what sparked the whole ordeal.

"We have windshield tools that instead of bashing in a window they'll use a saw to cut through the windshield," she added.

According to officials, State Police have command of the scene at all times and have the authority to assist in rescue efforts and administer Narcan.

"I think it was heat of the moment and we definitely want to work with police, we want to have a good working relationship with the police. We all have to get along so that we can take care of the community better and each other," said Tracey.

We reached out to state police in York County to see if there is dash cam or body cam footage available for review, but we did not hear back.

No charges have officially been filed, however in Pennsylvania  harassment charges can be a summary offense or third degree misdemeanor.

Naylor will not be working until the investigation is complete.

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