Steelton man sentenced to up to 50 years in prison for 2017 homicide

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.– A Steelton man was sentenced to 25-50 years in state prison in connection to a 2017 murder.

Michael Magaro II, was sentenced to 25-50 years in state prison after pleading guilty to third degree murder, firearms offenses, and tampering charges.

According to court documents night of November 6, 2017 someone living withIsrael  Marcucci at the 400 block of North Front Street in Steelton told police he received a phone call around 1150.

After Marcucci went downstairs, the witness said she heard a knock at the door, the door open, and two loud bangs.

Marcucci had been shot twice in the head.

An investigation into Marcucci’s cell phone found the last number to call him, matching one belonging to Magaro.

“A tremendous amount of work was completed in the first twenty-four hours of the investigation, which led to a possible suspect. While working that suspect, the investigators continued to work with other avenues to insure they were exploring all possible means. However, everything went back to the accused,” said Steelton Police Chief Anthony Minium.

Johnny Baer, Dauphin County Chief Deputy District Attorney, said the two men had a “long standing relationship,” saying Magaro did home improvement projects, such as carpentry, on Marcucci’s residence.

“We’ve learned through the investigation there was some sort of disagreement over a particular job, perhaps it wasn’t done to standards. The underlying issue that, we believe, motivated the killing, was money,” said Baer.

Baer said they believe the argument was over “thousands of dollars” that Marcucci was going to have to pay out-of-pocket.

Now, Magaro wills serve time.

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