Investigation into York Fair accident that hurt 2 is nearly over

The investigation into the accident at the York Fair is "within a couple weeks" of being over.

Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding was asked about the incident during an event in York County today.

"The accident report is almost completed. The investigation is almost complete. We’re not quite there yet. I can tell you that the Ferris wheel continues to carry the stop use," he said.

The accident injured two people at the Giant Wheel near the midway last month.

Read more details on the accident here.

"So, there’s an accident at the York Fair. It can’t be put back into operation until this investigation is complete. But, we’re almost there. We’re within a couple weeks I think of having it done," said Redding.

FOX43 asked Redding why the inspection and incident reports involving the owner of the Giant Ferris wheel were not posted online for the public. The Department of Agriculture website states "qualified inspectors are required to send inspection affidavits to the department within 48 hours of the initial inspection and again at regular intervals as noted above," And, the website also notes "for traveling amusement rides and attractions, the itineraries will appear in the search results within 72 hours of the scheduled operation.

He replied, "That’s not typical for an investigation. Right, so we’re guarded in that until the investigation is complete and then it will be made available and the inspection reports and both the accident report and the inspection reports will be made public once the investigation is complete."

Read more about the investigation here.

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