A roughly 30 degree change in temperatures in just 24 hours, plus more cool air tomorrow!

QUITE THE DIFFERENCE: We’ve seen a dramatic change in temperatures from yesterday when we were in the 90s to today when we are struggling to hold onto the 60s! We’ve barely broken out of the 50s in spots thanks to strong easterly flow that has set up across the Northeast. Cloud cover and a bit of moisture has kept us dreary and drizzly so far today. Meanwhile, just to our west towards Pittsburgh, and as close as Richmond, VA — temperatures are in the upper 80s and 90s! Easterly flow will lighten up a bit as a warm front lifts north tonight bringing a brief bump in temperatures. Our daytime high for tomorrow will again likely occur around midnight as it did for today, last night.

COOL END TO THE WEEK: If you’re not a fan of the cooler temperatures, there’s no good news for you with tomorrow’s forecast. Temperatures continue to stay well below average for this time of year as we bring on another day of low to mid 60s! A little more sunshine will likely be in the forecast for both tomorrow and Saturday, but gusty winds on Friday won’t help with the already cool temperatures. A strong piece of energy swings through Friday kicking up our winds and likely keeping some high clouds in the area, but we stay dry. The weekend looks to start on a chilly note, but temperatures will recover nicely on Sunday!

TALE OF TWO SEASONS THIS WEEKEND: Easterly flow will once again be the culprit for cooler than average temperatures on Saturday. We may even see some areas of patchy frost early Saturday morning depending on how low temperatures get. We should be able to get into the low 40s on Saturday, but its possible some spots fall into the mid 30s too! Temperatures only recover into the low 60s on Saturday, although we should see a good amount of sunshine even with the easterly flow. On Sunday, we bring back a little taste of summer as temperatures recover back into the mid 70s! Strong southerly winds bring back the nice warm-up before we cool things down as the next rain-maker arrive heading into next week.

Stay “Weather Smart” with the Fox 43 Weather Team all week long!

Have a great day!

– Chief Meteorologist MaryEllen Pann

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