FOX43 Capitol Beat: State Reps. Mark Rozzi & Jim Gregory

Statute of limitations reform is center stage once again for legislators in Harrisburg. The State Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing to discuss possible changes on how sexual abuse survivors can seek damages against their abusers.

State Representatives Mark Rozzi (D-Berks) and Jim Gregory (R-Blair) are advocating for House Bill 962 and House Bill 963. HB962 would eliminate the statute of limitations on how old someone needs must be to file criminal charges, and would also change the age limit to seek civil damages to 55 years out. HB963 would change the Pennsylvania constitution to allow past victims a two-year window to file civil lawsuits against their abusers.

This is the second time in consecutive sessions the State House has approved statute of limitations reform legislation. However, last October, Senate leaders failed to bring bills up for a vote, arguing the retroactivity clause was unconstitutional. In response, Reps. Rozzi and Gregory say changing the state's constitution will produce the clarity needed for survivors to legally sue their abusers.

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