Veteran fears $14,000 daily charge at hospital

It's been more than a week since veteran Aldben Ateeb's surgery, and even though he's been cleared to leave, he can't go home because the VA won't sign off on his paperwork.

It’s been more than a week since veteran Aldben Ateeb’s surgery, and even though he’s been cleared to leave, he can’t go home because the VA won’t sign off on his paperwork.

“I would still die for my flag to this day and we shouldn’t be treated like this” said Ateeb who couldn’t hold back the emotions after being stuck in the Georgia hospital since September 26. ”They were trying to release me and the only thing they needed was for the VA to approve the IV tower that you hang the IV from” added Ateeb.

The IV tower is necessary because Ateeb just had surgery on his stomach and esophagus, and is now on a feeding tube. In addition to the IV tower, he needs an IV pump and the liquid to go in the tube. A cost of $368 a month.

“So basically now I’m just incurring hospital bills on a daily basis, and if they would have approved what they needed to approve for $368 instead accumulating daily bills which I’m going to have to pay for” said the veteran.

He says the VA is currently garnishing his pension from the Post Office to cover his previous surgery and he expects the same will happen for this surgery. Not to mention, the additional cost of what’s not being covered. Hospital officials told CBS46 Ateeb could be charged up to $14,000 a day.

”We shouldn’t be treated like this,” Ateeb added.

CBS46 will continue to work to get results for this veteran until he gets home.

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