Columbia woman accused of trying to use pilfered debit card to make purchases

LANCASTER COUNTY — A 29-year-old Columbia woman has been charged with theft after police say she took a wallet that was inadvertently left behind at a laundromat and attempted to use a debit card inside to make purchases.

Alexis E. Steele was charged after an investigation on the incident, which occurred at 1:08 a.m. on Sept. 19, according to Columbia Borough Police.

The victim told police he forgot his wallet at a laundromat on the 500 block of Union Street, and was later notified that someone was trying to use his debit card at three separate locations, police say. The victim reported that his wallet contained a debit card, $6 in cash, a license to carry permit, an expired CPR card, and a coupon for an Elizabethtown gun store, according to police.

Officers viewed security video and were able to identify the person trying to use the debit card as Steele. She was charged with theft of the debit card and attempting to use it without the victim’s permission, police say.

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