Solar project in Adams County has some homeowners worried about their new potential neighbors

Martin Munoz of Straban Township is worried that his new next door neighbors could be solar panels.

He lives on Hunterstown Hampton Road. But, his Adams County neighborhood isn't alone in possibly welcoming the solar panels in the near future. Multiple properties across the county are considering adding the panels.

"The fence would be right there, 50 feet from my mailbox," said Munoz. He added, "when I look out across the street from my house, that's what I'm going to be looking at."

Munoz said, he was never notified that the panels could be moving in next door. FOX43 attempted to reach Straban Township, but the office was closed on Friday. Attempts to reach township officials were also not successful.

But the county confirms, the panels possibly coming to Straban are part of a larger project that stretches across the region.

"The three large beneficiaries of this project are the property owners themselves, the company, and in a larger sense, all of us for reducing our use of fossil fuels," said Marty Qually, Adams County Commissioner.

Qually added, he knows some homeowners close by the proposed sites have complained. However, he said it is entirely up to the property owners on if the panels are put in place. Among the places that have shown interest in using the energy produced by the panels, Qually said, is the city of Philadelphia.

But, Munoz wanted to make two things clear.

"I do not have a beef with the property owners," he said. In fact, he said, he believes it is the property owners right to decide what to do with their land. "I'm not against harnessing the power of the sun to purchase energy," he added.

However, Munoz said, he just doesn't want the panels right next to his house.

"I am most concerned that the property value of my 3 acres is going to go down the tubes," said Munoz.

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