Alpacas of York host 12th annual open barn

EAST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. – A York County Alpaca group opened up its barn to the public this


Alpacas of York gave the community the chance to meet its furry friends at its barn. Visitors could get to know the animals at the farm, including more than just alpacas. The farm is also home to llamas and fainting goats. The group's owner said the event is a unique chance for people to get up close and personal with alpacas.

"They are prey animals," Sheri Hunt Smith, the owner of Alpacas of York, said. "So in general, they're usually afraid of strangers or other dogs or things like that. But, these guys are pretty used to it."

"They're cute and cuddly and fuzzy," Savannah and Logan, 4-H alpaca handlers, said. "Yeah we work with them and we take them to shows and perform with them. It's a cool show we put on."

Alpacas of York also hosted a 4-H alpaca exhibition on an obstacle course, and offered merchandise from local artisans at the event.

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