Second grader on a mission to bring a dog park to York City

YORK, Pa. -- Holden Feeser may only be 7-years-old, but she has a big dream.

She envisioned a place for paws while at the "happiest place on earth".

"When I went to Disney World, I started thinking of engineering cause there were so much rides," explained the 7-year-old.

After the trip, the unthinkable happened: the second grader's Great Dane Brutus escaped from the family's home in York.
"We were running to get him about here, and I was like, 'we need a dog park for Brutus for him to run around and stuff,'" said Holden.
Thankfully, Brutus was caught.
Now, less than a year later, dog owners can thank little Holden for her vivid imagination and Brutus for taking off.
The space off West King Street along the Heritage Rail Trail will soon be transformed into the city's first and only off-leash dog park, with fenced in areas for small and large dogs.
"That is pretty awesome," said Justin Sneringer of Spring Grove, York County. "I have always wanted a dog. I almost had the chance, but sadly, my dad wouldn't let me keep it, but it's awesome. I see a lot of people walking their dogs up and down the trails."
Holden has raised more than $12,000 with a little help from her mom, who happens to have a background in community projects and a husband who works for the city, and generous people in the community.
"It is cool to see her [Holden] be involved, and to also show her a bit of what we do in our work, and basically, there is something you want to see something happen, in your community, you can make it happen," explained Given.
It will be fittingly named Pal's Park after a special military veteran with four paws.
"He was a man's lucky dog in the war. He helped him fight. Now, there is a statue of him in York," explained Holden.
"For a 7-year-old, second grader, it's a pretty cool thing to say she has made happen," added Given.

Once the park opens next spring, the second grader plans to be at the park every day; that is, if mom and dad allow it.

"I'll be like snuggling them while I'm doing homework," giggled Holden.

She is hoping the project inspires other kids her age.
"One day, they see the dog park, and they want to design something for dogs too," explained Holden.
For more information on the park or how you can donate, check out the park's Facebook page.
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