Another beautiful day for Tuesday before potent storm delivers gusty winds and heavy rain Wednesday!

GORGEOUS TUESDAY: Following in the footsteps of a perfect start to the work week, Tuesday will be almost as gorgeous as Monday! We’ll start to tack on a bit more cloud cover and for that reason temperatures will be a hair cooler tomorrow. We will still be above average, in fact today we managed to get into the low to mid 70s across the area! That’s about 10 degrees warmer than where we should be at for this time of year. Tomorrow, we will likely stay in the upper 60s with partly cloudy skies. The cloud cover that will build in later in the day will be ahead of a potent system that will impact us Wednesday and Thursday. Winds will likely be picking up late Tuesday as well. Temperatures still hold on to the mid 60s on Wednesday, but it’s all downhill after that!

WICKED WEDNESDAY: An impressive system will bring a good soaking rain our way for Wednesday. We’ll start off the early morning hours on a dry note and wet weather will slowly move in by late morning. Heavy rain at times through the day is likely and will create a concern for flooding. With how dry we have been recently, the ground won’t be able to absorb a lot of rain at once. Think of vegetation that is in a drought, you need to water it slowly over time — heavy rainfall all at once will just create standing water. The main wave of low pressure with this system will be swinging through the Great Lakes, but a secondary low will develop offshore bringing even more rain to the coast. We’ll likely see very gusty winds through the day on Wednesday which will create the issue of downed trees and power outages. Overall, Wednesday is not looking like a good day. We dry up for the most part heading into Thursday, but some concerns still linger.

WINDY THURSDAY: In the wake of the cold front that will cross through late Wednesday, very gusty winds will settle in for Thursday. Strong northwesterly flow behind the front will be so impressive, that it is likely western-PA and western-NY will see lake-effect rain showers! Winds sustained around 15-20 mph will bring gusts in the 25-35 mph range through the day. The concern for more power outages will continue Thursday, especially with the ground being wet — it’ll be easier to take down trees. Plenty of cloud cover and gusty winds mean that temperatures will have a hard time warming up. We will likely be stuck in the mid to upper 50s for highs on Thursday. Warmer and calmer weather returns as we head into next weekend!

Stay “Weather Smart” with the Fox 43 Weather Team all week long!

Have a great day!

– Meteorologist Jessica Pash

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