Potent storm system will bring heavy rain and gusty winds tomorrow, even stronger winds Thursday!

STORM SYSTEM COMING: Monday and Tuesday both shaped up beautifully, but it was just the calm before the storm. Temperatures this afternoon warmed into the mid to upper 60s with plenty of sunshine! A few high clouds are starting to move in out ahead of our next storm system which is currently spinning over the upper mid-west. This wave of low pressure will swing through the Great Lakes tomorrow and at the coast, another system will develop. Sandwiched in between two impressive low pressure systems, we will see rounds of heavy rain and strong winds Wednesday. We will likely start off the day on a dry note, the morning commute should be no problem. By about 10-11 AM we’ll start to work in a couple of showers as the warm front lifts north through the region, some of these showers could bring heavy downpours. The main event will take place between 2 PM – 7 PM as the cold front tracks eastward bringing the heaviest rain, especially in our eastern counties. Depending on exactly where those heavier bands set up, we could pick up around an inch to an inch and a half of rain when all is said and done!

DANGEROUS WINDS THURSDAY: In the wake of the cold front that crosses late Wednesday evening combined with a strong coastal system riding off to the north, gusty winds will settle in. Strong northwesterly flow behind the front will pump in MUCH colder air out of Canada. In fact, the flow will be so strong that western/northwestern-PA will likely see lake-effect rain showers and its possible a few sprinkles even make it all the way to us. Even if we stay dry, we will likely be dealing with overcast skies all day. The main concern with the strong wind gusts will be power outages. With the ground already wet from the good soaking rain on Wednesday, it won’t take much to take down trees. Widespread power outages could be a very real problem we have to deal with. Winds sustained around 20-25 mph and gusts around 35-45 mph are likely Thursday. Even into Friday, we are still dealing with breezy conditions, winds not calming down until late in the day on Friday.

NICER NEXT WEEKEND: After a long and busy second half of the week — weather wise — we can look forward to a nice and calm weekend. Temperatures will slowly recover from the 50s on Thursday to the 60s on Friday. Even warmer air arrives for this weekend! Saturday will feature plenty of sunshine and temperatures on the rise, back to near-average for this time of year. Sunday we get another taste of summer as we make a run for the upper 60s and low 70s. A few clouds are likely to start to build back in ahead of our next system that will impact the region Monday and Tuesday of next week. In the wake of that rain-maker, we should see even colder air make its way into the area!

Stay “Weather Smart” with the Fox 43 Weather Team all week long!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

– Meteorologist Jessica Pash

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