In the wake of a cold front that crosses tonight, showers taper off and gusty winds pick up!

SHOWERS END, WINDS PICK UP: Most of the shower activity will taper off this evening, with a few sprinkles possible past 7-8 PM. In the wake of the cold front that crosses tonight, winds pick up dramatically. Sustained winds around 20-25 mph out of the northwesterly direction will drag in much colder air. Highs this afternoon to our west were in the upper 40s and that is the air that is going to be moving in for Thursday and Friday! The flow out of the northwest will be so strong that we will likely see lake-effect rain showers in western-PA. It’s possible that some of those sprinkles make it all the way into our area. Even if we don’t see sprinkles on Thursday, overcast skies will likely keep the day rather gloomy. Temperatures tomorrow will struggle to climb out of the 50s for highs! With the thick deck of cloud cover and the hefty winds, temperatures really won’t warm up or cool down much through the day.

GUSTY INTO FRIDAY: The concern for widespread power outages will continue not only through Thursday, but even into Friday as well! Winds will peak on Thursday in the 40-45 mph range, but still stay strong through Friday. Sustained winds around 15-20 mph will bring 25-30 mph gusts to the area to end the work week. With the saturated ground from the showers we received today, it won’t take much wind to down trees. The goods news is that Friday should feature more in the way of sunshine, especially as we push into the afternoon! Winds will finally calm down late in the day on Friday and overnight lows drop like a rock heading into the weekend!

NICE WEEKEND OVERALL: We’ll kick off the morning on a chilly note Saturday, but with plenty of sunshine temperatures should warm up nicely! Saturday afternoon we’ll get back up to what is average for this time of year, the mid 60s! Temperatures could even be a degree or two above average. We will continue the warming trend into the end of the weekend, with highs on Sunday likely to be a couple degrees warmer than Saturday. We’ll start to add in a bit more in the way of cloud cover on Sunday with the anticipated arrival of our next rain-maker likely to be on Monday. We continue to monitor the drought situation across south-central PA and are definitely still in desperate need of more rain!

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Have a great day!

– Chief Meteorologist MaryEllen Pann

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