Animal advocates push for ‘Victoria’s Law’ be voted on in Senate Judiciary Committee

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Some state lawmakers are pushing for a bill to ban the use of puppy mill puppies in pet stores. The bill has stalled in the State Judiciary Committee since January.

Pennsylvania is home to some of the worst puppy mills, according to the Humane Society of the United States' Horrible 100 report. In an effort to indirectly ban puppy mills, some state lawmakers rallied at the State Capitol Tuesday for Senate Bill 44.

“It’s moving the pet market towards more humane sources like shelters and rescues and responsible breeders," said Kristen Tullo, Pennsylvania State Director, The Humane Society of The United States. "Good breeders are selling directly to the public not to pet stores, never to pet stores."

The bill is being called 'Victoria's Law,' after Victoria, a German Shepard rescued from a Pennsylvania puppy mill after 10 years of breeding that left her paralyzed. The bill would ban the sale of puppy mill dogs in pet stores and require the stores to only sell dogs, cats, and rabbits from rescues or shelters.

“So hopefully today we can change the minds of those who need changing," said Heather Mitts, former Olympic Soccer Player, who lives in Pennsylvania and is an animal advocate. "Because animal cruelty is never okay.”

Mitts joined the push to get 'Victoria's Law' out of the Senate Judiciary Committee where it has stalled since January. Although with 29 senate co-sponsors, it would likely pass the State Senate.

When asked why this bill hasn't been brought to a vote, State Senator and Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee Lisa Baker told FOX43, "We have no plans to consider the bill at this time."

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