Scranton restaurant named most haunted restaurant in Pennsylvania by Food Network

Scranton, PA (WNEP) -- A restaurant in downtown Scranton has creepy bragging rights to a title no other restaurant in the Commonwealth can claim.

AV Restaurant and Lounge was named the most haunted eatery in Pennsylvania by The Food Network.

It's all due to some beyond-the-grave experiences.

Workers tell stories about feeling watched or being touched or hearing noises when no one's around.

To add to the spooky folklore, the spot on Penn Avenue was used as a temporary morgue during the 1918 influenza epidemic.

"Some people are very scared of the basement, very scared of the upstairs. Just like won't go up there in the dark or anything. There have been rumors of people being touched on the shoulder going down to the basement," said Meaghan Goode, a server at the restaurant.

Workers at AV hope the new title will scare up some extra business.

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