Hempfield School District takes new approach to educate students about vaping

Hempfield School District is working to encourage students to stop vaping by providing education.

Hempfield High School officials showed FOX43 just some of the vaping items it has confiscated from students.

"Just yesterday we had students in the bathroom using them and we took two yesterday," said Beth Becker, the 9th grade principal.

Becker said the high school is working to combat the growing issue with a 30-minute assembly for all four of the grade levels.

The school resource officer is also talking to students about the dangers in health class.

The school said vaping products are easily concealed with some students hiding the products in binders, straps of clothing, pockets, or even socks.

The school encourages all students who have concerns about vaping amongst their friends to come forward and speak to the School Resource Officer.

Read the warning the CDC issued after reports of lung injuries associated with the use of E-cigarettes or vaping products.

Can you correctly identify products used for vaping? Take our test to find out.

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