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West Manchester Township Police charge 44-year-old man with huffing, DUI, retail theft

YORK COUNTY — West Manchester Township Police have charged a 44-year-old man with several offenses after he allegedly was caught huffing a duster while at the gas pump at a Sheetz on Carlisle Road last month.

Nikolaos A. Orlof is charged with one count of Smelling/Inhaling a Toxic Releasing Substance, one count of DUI, and one count of Retail Theft, according to police.

The incident occurred around 3:37 p.m. on Oct. 10 at the Sheetz on the 1400 block of Carlisle Road.

According to police, a customer at the gas pumps contacted them to report a subject acting strangely. The caller reported that a man, later identified as Orlof, appeared to be intoxicated while in the driver’s seat of a gray Mercury Sable parked at one of the gas pumps.

Police responded to the scene and encountered Orlof, who was still in the driver’s seat. The responding officer reported that Orlof’s head was rolling from side to side, and his eyes were closed. He eventually became still and appeared to be sleeping, police say. The officer observed a can of Multi-Purpose Duster on Orlof’s lap.

The officer woke Orlof, who appeared to be confused, police say. He was immediately handcuffed.

Orlof allegedly admitted to the officer that he had been huffing the duster and was placed under arrest, police say.

A search of Orlof’s car produced a receipt from an area Target store that listed the purchase of two bottles of water at about 3 p.m., but no purchase of a can of Multi-Purpose Duster.

When the officer asked Orlof if he had stolen the duster, Orlof allegedly admitted that he did, police say.

Orlof was charged after police got results of a lab test.

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