53rd Lancaster Doll, Toy & Teddy Bear Show held at Farm and Home Center

LANCASTER, Pa. - People taking a trip down to memory lane this weekend at the 53rd Lancaster Doll, Toy & Teddy Bear Show.

Collectors and toy enthusiasts gathered at the Farm and Home Center to look at the thousands of antiques and collectibles brought by more than 30 vendors from across the country. Organizers said the show allows people to re-live childhood memories and share a simpler time through toys with new generations.

"I think a lot of them, you know, they had them as children and they like to re-live it again and buy the same doll and stuff," Ron Funk, an organizer, said.

"There are people that are only interested in dolls made from like the 1950s or the '60s or the '70s," Roxanne Morison, owner of the Victorian Lady, said. "Today everything is just so mass produced and in those days prior to 1900s, things were made by hand and that's what they really remember is what they grew up with."

The show is held in April and November.

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