Blood, Sweat and Tear 5K Run

SOUTH LONDONDERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. - People running in Lebanon County so children don't run out of time in their battle against cancer.

The 8th annual Blood, Sweat and Tear 5 miler and 5K Run was held in support of the Emily Whitehead Foundation. It's an organization named after the first child to be treated with cancer using her own T-cells. Emily Whitehead was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2010, but now lives cancer free and healthy.

The organization hopes to help researchers working to improve treatment options for children with cancer.

"T-cell l therapy is still in its initial stages so we've been funding more clinical trials at the children's hospital of Philadelphia," Tom Garrett, an organizer, said "We want 100% that every child can go home from the hospital to live cancer free like Emily did."

Organizers hoped to raise about $10,000.

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