Dorney Park’s wooden roller coaster, the Thunderhawk, designated an international landmark

LEHIGH COUNTY — American Coaster Enthusiast has named the Thunderhawk, the wooden roller coaster at Allentown’s Dorney Park, as an international roller coaster landmark, the park announced Tuesday.

The designation is given to roller coasters that are historically significant, the park said. Thunderhawk, now in its 95th Season at Dorney Park, is the oldest operating wooden roller coaster designed by the famed roller coaster designer, Herbert Schmeck, and the Philadelphia Toboggan Company.

Thunderhawk will be officially decorated with a special cast aluminum landmark plaque along with presentation by ACE to help commemorate the landmark during their annual convention, which will be co-hosted by Dorney Park in 2020.

Thunderhawk, originally named The Coaster, is the fourth-oldest operating wooden roller coaster in the United States, Dorney Park said.

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