PA GOP files request for injunctive relief regarding voting and ballot concerns in York County

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — The Pennsylvania GOP said Tuesday in a news conference that its filing a request for injunctive relief to bring attention to irregularities on election day and to ensure that no voter was disenfranchised and every vote was being properly counted.

This stems from multiple complaints the Pennsylvania GOP said the election day hotline fielded, including reports of voters in several counties throwing away ballots due to excessive wait times.

One report the Pennsylvania GOP highlighted was out of York County where ballots at one polling location were being placed in a suitcase and were not scanned.

It was discovered that the suitcase was purchased by the county and provided by Dominion Voting Systems. The Pennsylvania GOP said around 4 p.m., it was estimated that 420 ballots were not counted.

The Pennsylvania GOP said that it has worked with the county since then to ensure the votes are counted and a stipulation has been signed and will be presented at the courthouse Wednesday.

The conditions in the stipulation are as followed, per the Pennsylvania GOP: the ballots in the suitcase are to be secured and transported with a county election official, in addition to a representative from the Republican and Democratic party, locked and secured in a bag and then will be scanned using the high-speed scanner.

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