Paper ballot voting causes no problems in Lebanon County

LEBANON, LEBANON COUNTY, Pa. - While York County had problems with its new paper ballot voting machines, other counties did not. Lebanon County used its new machines for the first time in Tuesday's election and says everything went smoothly, but the busyness from Election Day isn't over.

“They’re going through our election precincts," said Lebanon County's Director of Elections Michael Anderson. "And they are making sure the number of ballots cast at the precinct match the number list of voters.”

As they look over the record of ballots cast, Anderson says the county's transition to paper ballot voting machines was relatively smooth besides a few minor learning curves.

“Change is change," said Anderson. "It’s not always popular but overall the equipment worked really well. I think the people were patient and cooperative and I was very pleased with everything.”

It's a very different experience than what voters in York County had Tuesday, but also a different paper ballot voting machine. Anderson says, the Lebanon County Commissioners and Office of Elections worked tirelessly to pick the best voting machine. They also wanted the new system in place before the 2020 primary mandate to iron out any kinks.

"It gave everybody, the voters an opportunity to see it," said Anderson. "And it gave our poll workers the opportunity to do it on a day it's not going to be the stress of a presidential election.”

In the coming days and weeks, Anderson and his office will discuss how the machines worked and ways they can improve.

"We already are talking plans for what we want to do at presidential where we’ll want to have at least 2 scanners at some precincts to alleviate lines," said Anderson. "So, those are things we’re already thinking about.”

Lebanon County voters will have another opportunity to get acquainted with these new paper ballot voting machines in January's special election for state senate, the primaries in April before the presidential election next November.

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