Report: BPD closes investigation into 2017 death of Sean Suiter, concludes that he died by suicide

BALTIMORE — The Baltimore Police Department has closed the investigation into the 2017 death of Sean Suiter, a police detective and York County resident, and has concluded that he died by suicide, The Baltimore Sun reports.

Maryland State Police reviewed the case and per The Baltimore Sun, Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said, “there is nothing in the report to suggest that Det. Suiter’s death was anything other than a suicide, nor was there any suggestion that the case should be re-investigated or continued.”

Det. Suiter was shot with his own gun in the Harlem Park neighborhood of West Baltimore on November 15, 2017 when he was investigating a triple-homicide. It occurred a day before he was scheduled to testify before a federal grand jury in connection with a corruption investigation involving the police department’s Gun Trace Task Force.

An Independent Review Board tasked with reviewing Suiter’s death released a report in August 2018 that concluded he “took his own life.”

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