Former York County used car dealership to pay more than $54K for conning customers

YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- The owners of a former used car dealership in York County is paying the price for conning its customers over a two year period.

Ronald Feyerherm and James Walsch Sr.  who used to run Fresh Start Auto Sales and Service plead guilty to various charges including deceptive business practices.

A Judge also ordered each of the men to pay more than $27,000 dollars in restitution.

"They played down on people's hard times," said Andrea Troublefield, York County. "I went to start my car and the car wouldn't work so I was like something isn't right," she said.

Court documents show the pair sold damaged vehicles in disguise advertising them as certified used cars.

Andrea Troublefield says she fell victim to the scheme.

"I started noticing rust at the bottom of the frame and then I took it to a mechanic and he said this car looks like it had water damage and I was like what do you mean water damage? He said look around here and he pulled back the carpet all of that is moldy," added Troublefield.

Police say that both Feyerherm and Walsch allowed customers to be overcharged, either by inflating bills or collecting sales tax on items that shouldn’t have been subject to the tax.

According to court documents, a customer told police a check which was supposed to be used for bank loan payments was deposited for a thousand dollars more than the total down payment that he had originally agreed to pay.

Some customers are still dealing with financial damages.

"That's money out of my pocket that I am still trying to recover from now," said Troublefield.

Feyerherm is charged with deceptive business practices, violating the state's motor-vehicle code and operating unsafe equipment.

Walsch is also charged with theft by deception.

Both men have been sentenced to five years of probation.

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