Senior receives over 17,000 Reese’s Cups after dedicating high school parking spot to the peanut butter cups

CONNECTICUT– A senior in high school received a big surprise from Reese’s after dedicating his parking spot to the peanut butter cups.

Tanner Soracco, a senior at Oxford High School, painted his school parking lot in the style of a Reese’s wrapper because he loved the candy so much.

A picture of that spot went viral, and made it all the way to Hershey where the Reese’s brand team was “overwhelmed” by Soracco’s fandom.

According to The Hershey Company, the Reese’s team was able to contact Soracco’s mother through Facebook, and worked with her and the high school to coordinate a surprise.

On November 7, Soracco was greeted with a pallet of Reese’s at his parking spot, which included over 8,460 total Reese’s. That’s 17,280 Reese’s cups.

Soracco was invited to share them with his friends for being such a big fan, but there is no word on whether he chose to celebrate his fandom by keeping the cups for himself.

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