88-year-old holds art show

SWATARA TOWNSHIP, Pa. - There's a woman who just wrapped up her first ever art show. But it's not just her work that will have you impressed.

Inside Commonwealth Senior Living, there's a special resident.

"This is such a great place," Francis Burd said. "You can see how happy I am."

But today that happiness is brought by the first ever 'Francis Burd' Art Showcase. In the lobby.

"This was a Baltimore Oriole," Burd said while referring to a painting. "I did that here. I do a lot of birds. And my name is Burd."

We see what she did there. Francis has been painting since she was 15-years-old. Today she's 88-years-old. That's a lot of years and a lot of paintings.

"I love to paint," Burd said. "I love to work with color. It's just so much fun. And it's been a blessing for me because I've had a few illnesses."

Francis came to the senior home as a patient. She brought a few of her own pictures to hang in her room.

"They asked me if I ever liked to have a show, I said 'oh yes, that would be wonderful,' because I have a collection of a lot of paintings that I don't know what to do with," Burd said.

From oil paintings, to water colors, more than 40 pieces have been sold just this weekend.

"Which made me feel so good, not just that they bought them but the fact that they liked them that much," Burd said. "It meant so much to me and it gives me courage to keep going."

Francis recently got sick, so she is taking a break from painting. She hopes to be back at it in the next month. She said her next piece will likely be a painting of a bird.

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